The Experience

"Let me look after you whilst you enjoy every second of this incredible day!"


This is YOUR day, the day that you’ve put your heart, soul, time & energy into planning. So now it’s time to let me look after you whilst you enjoy every second of this incredible day! It’s time to be yourself, get lost in the moment and most importantly have fun!


When your wedding day comes around we’ll have already met and spent time getting to know each other as well as having some practice in front of the camera. You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in my presence resulting in honest, natural images that tell a story.

Why I offer a complimentary 'Together Session' for every couple

I believe that having a pre-wedding photoshoot is essential to capture natural moments, expressions and real emotions which make a huge difference to the outcome of the photos from your wedding day.


I offer this photoshoot for you to understand what it is like to be in front of the camera and for both of us to have some fun in a relaxed, quiet location that’s familiar and important to you. I am able to understand how you interact with each another, discover which angles you like and practice some casual posing styles that will help create stunning photography.


My aim from this session is simple, to get to know you both and for you to leave the session feeling calm, confident and natural in front of the camera! I find that there is a clear difference between the photos where couples have had a pre wedding photoshoot as this removes nerves, anxiety and tension allowing you to be yourself on your wedding day and let your personalities shine through.


My goal is to create and capture images that will be admired for the rest of your lives!

"I will cover every detail prior to your wedding day so that all you have to do is relax & be yourselves" 

From the moment you enquire with me I put you at the heart of what I do. I look after you and get to know you with a personal approach. I am committed to making sure we have covered every detail prior, allowing me to focus on capturing beautiful photos that will help you relive your special day.  

Y O U 'R E  J O U R N E Y  W I T H  C H A R L O T T E 

#1  E N Q U I R Y

Once you have had a chance to look through my website please get in touch via contact me to ask any questions you may have and check my availability for your wedding date.


This is a picture of wedding photographer Charlotte Stoneham editing wedding pictures on her laptop

Lets schedule a video chat! This is an amazing opportunity for us to get to know one another & for me to find out more about your wedding plans and discuss your wedding photography requirements in further detail. 

T O G E T H E R  S E S S I O N


As each wedding is unique
I offer a courtesy Pre Wedding Shoot to familiarise yourself being in front of the camera and to practice some natural, relaxed, authentic and
posed shots. 

Y O U R  W E D D I N G  D A Y 

We've already covered every detail. Leave this to me!
Relax and enjoy yourselves!

O U R  F U T U R E


Following your wedding day
I hope we stay in contact and that you choose me to continue photographing your journey together with newborn, family and corporate portraits.