Why I shoot with available light

Updated: May 4, 2020

As you're browsing wedding photographers websites, which outdoor portraits capture you eye? Look closely .... not only at the poses and emotion but also at the use of lighting. Which photographs are you drawn to most?

Light is the one thing that can truly make or break a photo. An Autumn or winter wedding where cloudy days are more common, is going to look different in comparison to a sunny, summer wedding. Having your ceremony in the late afternoon (4 – 6 pm during the summer months) can be much better for lighting purposes over a midday ceremony if held outdoors. A true professional should be able to easily explain different lighting situations and outcomes, and help you to put together a wedding day timeline in a way that gives the best lighting possible throughout the day.”

I shoot with available light whenever possible to produce natural, organic and flattering photography. I will use natural light right up until the evening reception when the sun starts to go down and then I will use my bounce flash to reflect light onto surfaces creating a gorgeous light source and keeping the ambience in the room.

Natural light is very flattering when it's soft and indirect, think golden hour, in the shade, and near large windows and doors that flood indirect light. One major benefit of photographing with natural light is that it can actually help smooth any imperfections on your face & provides a warmer & softer feel. 

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