Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

1. Choosing a style

The first thing you need to do when looking for your perfect wedding photographer is choose a style that you love. Do you love light, bright & airy wedding photography or do you prefer a darker more dramatic look? Instagram and Pinterest are both fantastic platforms to use for inspiration.

2. Photographers use of light

Once you've chosen a style that you like I would recommend then looking at the photographers use of light. For example photographs taken with available indirect light have a softer, natural look showcasing flattering skin tones and beautifully backlit golden hour scenes.

3. Invest some time

When you've found a photographer who's style you love it's important to invest some time to view your photographers website. At this stage you will have already looked through their portfolio of images so the next step is to read the information displayed on their website, this will give you a good understanding of their personality, experience and values. It's also a great opportunity to discover their pricing and find a package that fits in well with your budget. Following your desired photographer on Instagram and Facebook will give you an idea of their following and success.

4. Enquiring

Find out what it is about their style that you really love so that you can let them know when you enquire. Make sure that in your enquiry you include both of your names, the details of your ceremony and reception venue and the date of your wedding.

5. Video call

Take the time to get to know your photographer on a personal level as this is the vendor that you will be spending the most amount of time with on your wedding day! Set up a video call and have a casual chat to discuss your wedding plans in further detail. It's a great way to initially get to know each other and a fantastic way to experience their personality and approach to ensure they are the right photographer for you and your wedding.

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