10 Things Wedding Photographers Wish Every Bride Knew

Here are some expert tips to help you to form an amazing relationship with your wedding photographer and get better photos!

1. When choosing your bridal party, make sure it’s not only made up of your nearest and dearest but those who are attentive, helpful and resourceful.

Theres so much going on during a wedding day which is why these guys are invaluable, not only to you, but to your photographer as well. You’ll be so appreciative to have bridesmaids there for you to hold your bouquet and re arrange your dress throughout the day.

2. Get ready in an uncluttered room/house with lots of natural light.

While keeping the place tidy may be the furthest thing from your mind, doing so will ensure that you get the very best from your wedding photos. Wedding photographers love clean backgrounds for their shots so they can focus on you! It’s much easier to move a carrier bag out of the way than Photoshop it out afterwards!

3. Consult with your photographer about your wedding day timeline and listen to their advice. 

I start working with my couples at least 6 -12 months before their wedding date to ensure that no element is rushed or stressed. Your photographer will have attended and documented many weddings, therefore will be able to help guide you on the timings for your day. Also just as importantly advise you on timing for beautiful light. It's both the moment and the light that make your images.

Couple in field in Hampshire at golden hour on their wedding day

4. Putting your dress on at least an hour before you're due to leave 

This means that you'll have some time for bridal portraits, just you and your photographer.

It's your big day and you've put so much time and energy into planning your hair, makeup and dress; you're going to look amazing! Ask your family and friends to leave the room and pose for some fine art style portraits. These are the shots that you, your husband/wife, your children and grandchildren will look back on for many years.

5. Walk slowly down the aisle.

It’s crucial that you walk slowly so that your wedding photographer can take plenty of pictures of you.

6. The first kiss should be at least three seconds

Or more so that your wedding photographer has enough time to create a variety of images for you. I know not everyone is big on PDA and may get a little embarrassed but it's your wedding day!

7. Choose to face each other during your ceremony

If you face the celebrant/priest for most of your ceremony, you're missing some awesome opportunities for emotive and unguarded shots. A good officiant will gently remind you to look at each other (or your guests) and a good photographer will capture the raw, real and beautiful expressions that will show on your face at those moments.

8. Work out ahead of time what you will do at the conclusion of your ceremony.

Are you going to head straight up the aisle and be showered with confetti or will you greet your immediate family in the front row first? Whichever you decide, you want your photographer to be positioned ready to capture that moment.

9. You don't want to receive every single photo that is taken on your wedding day - trust me.

For example, you don't want the blinks, the unflattering ones, someone yawning etc. Please trust your photographer to give you a great series of images that showcases the best of your big day in all its beauty.

10. Enjoy Your Day!

The day goes so very fast so, to keep a more relaxed vibe on your day, allow a little extra time, just to soak it all in, and reduce any rush.

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